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Sitting shiva: A guide for the planner

If you haven't read our artciles blogs about shiva make sure to check them out. Our first blog Shiva 101 talks about what is shiva. The second blog deals with Shiva Etiquette. This blog tells you how to help your Jewish friends mourn.

Shiva is observed by Jewish mourners for ...

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Shiva Etiquette: A guide to making a shiva call

What is Shiva?  

Shiva or "sitting shiva" is the act of consoling a Jewish family who has just lost a loved one. You can learn more about shiva here in Shiva 101. We spoke with Sharon Rosen, founder of ShivaConnect to provide us additional insight on the topic on ...

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5 Ways to “Go-Green” at Your Funeral (and Save Money)

You go out of your way to put every plastic bottle, can, and paper in recycling. You compost your organic materials.  You collect rainwater to irrigate your garden, and installed solar panels on your roof to reduce your dependence on the electrical grid.  Like many Americans and Canadians ...

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Green Burials - Going Green Until The End

Americans are leaning more and more towards being environmentally conscious consumers.  As a society we have become accustomed to: recycling, composting, conserving water, purchasing locally made goods and locally grown food, driving fuel efficient vehicles, utilizing reusable coffee mugs, researching product manufacturing labels, and generally engaging in activities that ...

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The Top 3 Things You Should Know When Funeral Planning

Planning a funeral can seem overwhelming, but following the 3 simple tips below will ensure you are prepared and don't overpay for funeral services.

1. Know the Funeral Rule 

The Funeral Rule was established by the Federal Trade Commission to protect consumers at this particularly vulnerable time.  Be sure to ...

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Death with Dignity - Understanding Your End-Of-Life Rights

Death with Dignity is a movement to provide options for the dying to control their own end-of-life care. Melissa Barber of the Death with Dignity National Center helps us better understand the laws and options available to residents in select US states which support Death with Dignity.

What does it mean ...

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Death Over Dinner

It has become apparent in the recent months that talking about death is trendy. That's right, TRENDY. From Death Cafes to new end-of-life planning websites (too many to list here) to Death Over Dinner, the most recent addition to the global movement to talk about death before it is too ...

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What do I do? It's kind of weird...

By Mark Eyerly for Drexel's Market Street Publication

If the hearses outside the hotel weren’t enough to remind Rachel Zeldin that she turned her life upside down, her fellow vendors in the exhibit hall at the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association drove the point home.

Casket manufacturers. Embalming fluids salesmen. Cremation ...

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The Golden Girls Plan a Funeral - A Humorous Take on a Serious Topic

Ready for some funeral humor? Watch this throw-back as Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia make arrangements for putting a "frenemy" to rest.

As is in the intended nature of a classic sitcom, hopefully these funeral clips offer a little bit of humor on the traditionally dark topics of death and funerals ...

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Shiva 101 - A Simple Guide to Shiva Practices

Funeral and mourning rituals and traditions vary greatly between different cultures and religions. Today we are taking a look at the Jewish mourning tradition of "sitting shiva".  To help us understand what this means and what we can do as mourners or supporters of mourners, we have consulted with "The ...

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