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Green Funerals - With Death Comes Life

We are all individuals and we are entitled to our own varying beliefs in this life. There are so many things we can believe in, and so many factors affecting our perception of life and death. With so many beliefs, however, there is one constant we could all agree upon ...

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Casket Terminology You Should Know

When you’re planning for a funeral, a lot of important decisions are made and often on short-notice with very little information provided.  One of the most significant costs of the funeral is the casket you choose. There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a casket.

There are ...

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A Guide to Pre-Planning a Funeral

Thinking ahead in life is a human constant - even when the future and the end is not the main focus of your mind it still hovers there within your circus of thoughts. Like the end, funerals and deaths are not something most people like to think about, but once it ...

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Behind the Scene of the Entrepreneur Invasion

By Micheal Bradley for Main Line Today, May 2014

Rachel Zeldin has worked for a global financial-services company and isn’t a naturally shy person. Even so, she confesses to being a little intimidated at one particular business meeting last February. She didn’t doubt the quality of her product, I’m Sorry to Hear, a website ...

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Do Your Ashes Long to Travel?

The easiest way to travel with cremated remains is to pack them in your checked luggage. However, if you prefer to carry them on, you have to be sure that the container will pass successfully through airport security. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers are not permitted to open urns to ...

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Planning Your Own Funeral: Making Your Funeral a Unique Send Off

Funerals are no longer just about mourning a loss; today they are becoming more of a celebration of life.  Practically unheard of just a few years back, it is now increasingly common to plan your funeral yourself and even pay for it before you die.

The folks at Laurel Funerals ...

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Funeral Celebrants: What is a Funeral Celebrant and Where Can I Find One?

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

Funeral celebrants are ceremony specialists who have a sound background in the history of ritual, ceremony, and funeral traditions in many cultures and religions. Celebrants take the time to learn about your loved one and will weave their life story into a unique end-of-life ceremony ...

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The Business of Death: An Infographic

The team at Best Medical Degrees put together this great info graphic on the business of death.

Learn what the World Death Rate is per year, day, hour, minute, and second. Also learn the most popular methods of disposal and the most common "alternatives" in this visual representation of the ...

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Who Has The Legal Right to Arrange a Funeral

By Josh Slocum, Executive Director Funeral Consumers Alliance 

The question of who has the legal rights to arrange a funeral comes up surprisingly often. Conflicts between family members and interested parties over who has the legal right and precedence to make funeral arrangements for a person are sadly common. Here ...

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Paying For a Funeral

Planning a funeral can get pricey.  The fees for hiring a funeral director, having a service, buying a casket, and anything else you want for your loved ones can add up. The average funeral in America in 2012 topped $12,000 including cemetery plots and fees.

However, funerals don’t ...

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