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Much like doulas help pregnant mothers, death doulas or death midwives offer comfort and support in the final stage of a person's life. So many of the dying are forced to face their last moments alone, and death doulas hope to remedy this by being there to listen to, accompany, and console the dying who may have no one else to confide in.

Many professional death doulas are volunteers who offer their services for free. Others have a fee or accept donations. Finding a death doula or midwife has never been easier. Simply enter your City, State or Zip Code in the Funerals360 Search Box to find the best death doula for you or your loved one.

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What You Need to ...

What You Need to Know About Home Funerals

Home funerals are on the rise all over the country, and home funeral guides are leading the way. But what is a “home funeral” and what is a “home funeral guide?” We spoke with Lee Websiter from the National Home Funeral Alliance  and a Home Funeral Guide, to get ...

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The Death Doula or ...

The Death Doula or Death Midwife


When you think of the word “midwife” you think of childbirth, however this is not the only kind of midwife. The other midwife is a death midwife or more commonly known as “death doula”. 

What is a Death Doula?

A death doula is a man or woman whose ...

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Inside A Home Funeral

Inside A Home Funeral

Melissa Roberts Weidman, a hospice writer and administrator, recounts her experience with a home funeral. After the death of her best friends’ 22-year-old son, Weidman was asked to help arrange his home funeral. In the article, she describes the intimate details of preparing his body, as well as the emotions ...

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A Growing Movement Of ...

A Growing Movement Of ‘Death Doulas’ Is Rethinking How We Die

For end-of-life doulas, accompanying the dying is anything but morbid.

By Antonia Blumberg for the Huffington Post

Amy Levine has sat with many dying individuals in her capacity as a hospice social worker. She’s often felt the same, uncanny feeling as the moment of death approaches.

“All I can tell ...

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