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This website was developed by someone just like you for you, to help you navigate planning a funeral and help you find and evaluate local funeral homes and the other funeral-related products and services you may need.

A letter from our founder

Thank you so much for your visit.  I started on this journey following the death of my dear Great Uncle Rafe, a man I loved, who lived for the moment, and left us unexpectedly. There were no prior instructions or arrangements made, and we had to quickly piece together a funeral plan including getting him home from out of state.  

I know what it is like to search for funeral providers, call them one by one, try to understand pricing, navigate options for services and trust that we've made the right choices. Not to mention the cemetery, monuments, flowers, invitations, transportation and a ton of other event and logistical considerations. 

I remember the feelings of stress, the difficulty knowing the right questions to ask, the fear that we were being misinformed by the funeral professionals we engaged with. We knew nothing, they knew everything. Like many families, cost was a sensitive issue. Just navigating pricing was confusing given that prices differed widely from one funeral home to another. As we spoke with the funeral homes, some were sensitive to our situation, and there were others who just made us more upset.  

I wanted to make things easier for you, your family, and for everyone that has the need for funeral services. I wanted to make researching funeral homes and related purchases easy. I wanted you to have the information you need to choose the right providers and to have an outlet to share your experiences.

That's why we started I'm Sorry to Hear in 2012 and now share with you the new Funerals360. We wanted a modern, consumer-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and comprehensive website to help guide you along the funeral planning journey including helping you find the local businesses you need. Unbiased, transparent information, and consumer reviews makes it easier to plan, reduces research time, and helps you confidently make funeral decisions. 

Funerals360 is truly an end-to-end funeral planning platform. Now you can plan for your at-need situations, plan in advance, and even share funeral details to begin memorializing your loved one. 

It's been a great honor helping hundreds of thousands of consumers over the past years and it is my sincere hope that Funerals360 continues to help millions more. And because this has been designed for you - we welcome your feedback on what we can do to make this experience better.


Rachel Zeldin
Founder Funerals360

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