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About Crematories and Cremation Costs

Cremation costs are often much lower than burial costs, making cremation a more affordable and popular death-care option for families. Over 50% of the US population now opts for cremation.  

In some states, crematories (also called crematoriums) can be owned by funeral homes or cremation establishments. In other states, crematoriums must remain under independent ownership.

Crematories often work directly with the the funeral service providers as a trade service, but in some areas, crematories will work directly with consumers. Cremation services provided by funeral homes and mortuaries will liase with a crematory. Picking the right funeral home, or cremation service is the first step you will need to take in laying your loved one to rest.

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Helpful Articles About Cremation

Everything You Need to ...

Everything You Need to Know about Direct Cremation
Whether you are tight on funds, like the simplicity of cremation, or are environmentally conscious, you may choose a direct cremation. By law, every funeral home and cremation provider must offer a Direct Cremation package as a "minimal service." What is Direct Cremation? Direct Cremation is the cremation of a body ...
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Before You Scatter Your ...

Before You Scatter Your Loved One’s Ashes, Read This
We all want to memorialize and honor our loved ones when they pass away. This often involves a religious service, burial or cremation. Mortuaries and cemeteries typically handle the disposition details that follow, but when a loved one has requested that his or her ashes be scattered after cremation, that ...
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Alkaline Hydrolysis Laws in ...

Alkaline Hydrolysis Laws in Your State
Laws on alkaline hydrolysis are changing around the country. In an effort to keep readers with an interest in this subject updated, below you’ll find the most current information on where alkaline hydrolysis (aka green cremation, resomation, bio-cremation, aquamation, flameless cremation, or water cremation) is legal and available as a ...
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Alternatives to Embalming

Alternatives to Embalming
Embalming is not the only means of temporarily preserving a body prior to burial or cremation. In fact, the United States and Canada are the only countries in which embalming is still considered common practice, with countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Luxembourg, and Scandinavia having banned it years ago. If you are seeking ...
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