Funerals360 | My Funeral Wishes Funeral Pre-Planning

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family when you are gone is peace of mind that they've made the right decisions for your funeral or memorial. Make it easy for them to know and follow your death-care and funeral wishes while ensuring you get the goodbye that best reflects you by filling out and sharing My Funeral Wishes.

My Funeral Wishes is a simple form that you can fill out and edit at any time to outline your preferences for your death-care and funeral details. It is easy to print and share electronically so you can have a conversation with your family and next of kin while you're still able to.

The document is not legally binding, but it can be if you follow the rules for your state outlined in the State-by-State End of Life Guides.

Get started with My Funeral Wishes at Funerals360:

1. If you are already signed-in, go to your User Dashboard and click on My Funeral Wishes

2. If you are not currently signed-in, login now and then proceed to your User Dashboard

3. If you are not yet registered, sign-up for a user account and then proceed to your User Dashboard

In your User Dashboard you will find My Funeral Wishes in the right sidebar. You can edit, save, print, and share it with others, like your next of kin, who will need the information listed.

Create My Funeral Wishes