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About Funeral Homes and Cremation Providers

Funeral homes, also called "mortuaries," and cremation providers offer a wide range of services to assist families with funeral arrangements. Funeral prices and cremation costs can vary greatly from one funeral home, mortuary, or crematory to the next, even in the same town.

A full service funeral home or mortuary offers everything from burial services to cremation. They often sell caskets, urns, and other memorial products. Some funeral homes offer products and services that support green burial.

Direct cremation providers often operate out of simpler offices and work directly with the crematory to provide lower-cost cremation services for families in the community. 

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What is embalming? Embalming is the treatment of a deceased individual to temporarily preserve and forestall decomposition. In 1867, chemist August Wilhelm von Hofmann discovered formaldehyde, replacing the use of arsenic in the 20th century, and became the foundation for modern methods of embalming. Modern embalming cocktails contain a mixture ...
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Funeral Assistance for Those Who Need It
Funerals today are very expensive and not everyone is able to afford them. Because of this some states offer burial or cremation assistance or benefits for indigent persons or families without a means to pay for funeral expenses for a loved one who received welfare of social service benefits. Indigent ...
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Paying For a Funeral

Paying For a Funeral
Planning a funeral can get pricey.  The fees for hiring a funeral director, having a service, buying a casket, and anything else you want for your loved ones can add up. The average funeral in America in 2012 topped $12,000 including cemetery plots and fees. However, funerals don’t have to ...
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Choosing the right casket is an important part of the burial planning process. With so many varieties of caskets and coffins on the market, how do you know what’s right for your situation?  One type of casket that is offered for burial is known as a sealer casket. Here’s some ...
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