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Cemeteries offer a wide range of services including burial plots and mausoleums for burial. Many cemeteries have options for cremated remains as well and allow you to bury urns in the ground, place them in the niche of a Columbarium, or even scatter them in a scattering garden. If you are environmentally inclined, green burial grounds or natural burial preserves offer the most eco-friendly burial and scattering options.

Finding the right cemetery to lay yourself or your loved ones to rest has never been easier. Simply enter your City, State or Zip Code in the Funerals360 Search Box to get started.

Articles About Cemeteries

Your Guide to Home ...

Your Guide to Home Burials

What is a home burial?

A home burial is the burial of the deceased on private property often located in rural areas. Home burials offer a hands-on approach to caring for your loved one post death. It is also one of the most economical ways to bury a loved one since ...

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Funeral Customs & Traditions: ...

Funeral Customs & Traditions: The Surprising History Behind Gravestones

"Shhh," I'd whisper to my little brother, index finger pressed tightly to my lips, "Don't make any noise or you'll wake the dead." We'd stare out the window, holding our breath, as our car passed yet another cemetery. Watching in anticipation as the granite gravestones rushed past in ...

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What You Need to ...

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Gravestone

Immortalizing your loved one in an elegant and beautiful headstone—or even a monument—may be one of your top priorities, but you’ll want to be careful about which headstone, grave marker, or monument you commission. Many cemeteries regulate what kinds of headstones they will install on their property, so the preliminary ...

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Cemetery Glossary: Common Cemetery ...

Cemetery Glossary: Common Cemetery Jargon That You Should Know

Funeral360's Cemetery Glossary is guide to the cemetery jargon you should know when planning for your end-of-life care.


Synonymous with Interment, the placing of human remains in an underground enclosure.


Grounds dedicated to the burial and memorialization of human remains.


Sometimes referred to as “Urn Mausoleums”. A building ...

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