Mausoleum Burial: What You Need to Know


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You might wonder what burial options exist outside of cremation or in-ground burial if you are currently in the process of planning or pre-planning a funeral. One often-overlooked option is mausoleum burial. Many people are familiar with these structures, but families may shy away from this option due to uncertainty about cost and logistics. For some people, mausoleums present an attractive alternative to the standard in-ground burial.

Mausoleum Burial Basics

Mausoleum burial is a form of internment that dates back to ancient times. Today, mausoleums provide an alternative for those who may fear, or be uncomfortable with, traditional in-ground burial. Many families choose mausoleum burials for their loved ones when they want a quiet, personal memorial space or when cemetery burial space is scarce.  

During the internment process, a family will typically hold a commitment ceremony at the mausoleum site after the traditional funeral service. The casket or urn will enter the mausoleum through the door or via a crane, after which the caretakers will seal the structure. The mausoleum may be accessible or closed to the public after the ceremony, but the family can come to visit the structure at any time, as they would a standard gravesite.

Mausoleum Options

A mausoleum burial is highly customizable to the type of memorial you want to create for yourself or your loved ones because mausoleums provide an array of options from which families may choose. At a high-level you can choose between:

A community mausoleum is the most affordable mausoleum burial options. In community mausoleums, you will be placed in a predetermined space on a shared mausoleum wall. Similar to an in-ground burial, you choose and pay for a particular space in the community, but there will be other “residents” immediately around the space including above, below, and to the sides.

Family mausoleums are more expensive, as it is custom built for a families needs and can whole multiple family members, accommodating both caskets and urns. A family mausoleum provides the perfect opportunity for loved ones to visit and honor deceased family members together in one place.  These options allow you to decide the level of privacy or individualization you want for the structure. It is not open to the public as a burial option, therefore family mausoleums provide added privacy and control over aesthetics.

An individual mausoleum often serves as a monument as well as a final resting place. As these are highly customized and only hold one individual, they are the most expensive option.

The options and specifications of mausoleum burial options are often dependent on the company that maintains the space, so be sure to check with them first.  You can find cemetery contact info here.

Weather Protection

Since mausoleums are above-ground structures, your family can visit at any time, in any weather, which is a particular advantage of indoor mausoleums. Mausoleum sites are also easy to clean and maintain because grass and other plants are not part of the area.


Mausoleums provide another option to memorialize a loved one or family. These structures can make a strong visual and emotional impact as they can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.

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