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Donating your body for medical research, training, or speciality needs like forensic testing is one of the most meaningful and cost-effective after-death funeral options you can choose for yourself. You should take care in evaluating all of your body donation options, and pre-enroll in one when possible.

Finding body donation organizations to facilitate medical advancement has never been easier. Simply enter your City, State or Zip Code in the Funerals360 Search Box to get started. But tread carefully with this option, as you and your family will need a back-up plan in the case that your body is not accepted for donation.

Articles About Body Donation

Organ Donation: What Happens ...

Organ Donation: What Happens If I Donate My Organs?

The Facts of Organ Donation

Donating organs is incredibly important in saving lives. Most people will not receive the transplant they need in order to live. This article goes over how to donate your organs, what happens after you donate your organs, and the myths of organ donation.

Who is ...

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Body Donation: Everything You ...

Body Donation: Everything You Need to Know About Body Donation

This article answers all the questions you and your family might have about the process of donating your body. Click here to learn how to donate your body and where your body goes after being donated. 

The following section outlines the general process along with several national organizations that help ...

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Removing the Deceased After ...

Removing the Deceased After Death: What You Need to Know

The hours and days following a loved one’s death can be extremely difficult. Though the loved ones of the decedent may be struggling emotionally to accept the loss, they must also begin taking the first steps of the funeral process.

One of the first steps in the process, from a ...

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Body Donation: What Happens ...

Body Donation: What Happens to My Body if I Donate It?

What Happens After I Donate My Body?

There are two types of donation when it comes to your body. You can either donate your whole body or just your organs. If you donate your body then your body will be used to help further medical advancements or help teach new ...

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