Organ Donation: What Happens If I Donate My Organs?

Body and Organ Donation

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The Facts of Organ Donation

Donating organs is incredibly important in saving lives. Most people will not receive the transplant they need in order to live. This article goes over how to donate your organs, what happens after you donate your organs, and the myths of organ donation.

Who is Eligible to Donate Organs?

Anyone is able to donate their organs. You can never be too old to donate. The deciding factor that determines whether or not someone can donate their organs depends on the condition of the person when they die. If the person's organs are not damaged and they pass all the tests the doctors perform, then your organs will be eligible to be donated to another person.

What Happens When I Donate My Organs?

By donating your organs you have the opportunity to save people’s lives if you are a donor match.  If you choose to donate your organs, after you die your body goes to a hospital.  Once in the hospital, doctors will test your body to see if you had any diseases.  If you have no diseases then your organs will be split up and given to different people in an attempt to save their lives.

Organ Donation Fast Facts

  • Nineteen people die daily because they need an organ transplant.

  • By becoming an organ donor you can save the lives of up to fifty people.

  • Today there are over one hundred thousand people in the United States who need an organ transplant.

Myths About Organ Donation

Myth 1: Hospitals will not try as hard to save me if I am an organ donor.

This is false.  Hospitals will always try their best to save you as a patient.

Myth 2: I can’t have an open casket funeral if I donate my organs.

If you donate your organs and are having an open casket at the funeral, the doctors will ensure you look as complete as possible.  One example would be if the doctors took a bone from your arm they would replace the missing bone with a metal rod.  Another example would be if doctors needed skin they would take the skin from your back so that no one will see it.

Myth 3: I am not healthy enough to donate my organs.

There are not too many things that can stop you from donating your organs. A wide variety of people from different ethnic, cultural, & religious backgrounds as well as varying ages and physical shapes and size are eligible to donate their organs.

How Do I Become An Organ Donor?

Becoming an organ donor is easy. You can indicate this at the state-level by opting into this and having it displayed on your state-issued I.D. such as a driver's license. Or you can visit to get more information on organ donation in your state and registration details.

Can I Donate My Body AND My Organs?

It is not possible to become both an organ donor and a body donor because to be a body donor you must have all your organs.

Click here more information on Body Donation.

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