Green Burials

Burial Practices That Nourish the Earth

In this TedMed Talk by Caitlin Doughty (Ask a Mortician), she dives into greener death practices that nourish our earth.

Practices like composting of the dead and natural burials on conservational burial grounds. You will also learn about the affects of cremation, how green it is, and America's current death-care ...

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Alternatives to Embalming

Embalming is not the only means of temporarily preserving a body prior to burial or cremation. In fact, the United States and Canada are the only countries in which embalming is still considered common practice, with countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Luxembourg, and Scandinavia having banned it years ago. If you are ...

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Eco-Friendly Casket Guide

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Caskets, Shrouds, and Urns

The concept of a “green funeral” has become an intriguing option as consumers consider how they can be more environmentally-friendly when planning a funeral. More specifically, green caskets or eco-friendly caskets have become more widely available, giving consumers an alternative to ...

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VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know About The Good Death

The Good Death | Dying on Your Own Terms

Irina Jordan, founder of Artisurn talks about the "good death" and all that it entails on this TEDX Talk. From green burials, to home funerals to death doulas, to death with dignity laws, Irina neatly sums up all the good ways to ...

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Burial Pods – How Environmentally Friendly Are They?

An Op-Ed on the Burial Pods aka Capsula Mundi

The appeal of green burials (aka "natural burials") in the USA and Canada, with its values rooted in sustainability and environmental consciousness has gained increased attention in recent years. Of course green burial practices have been in place for centuries ...

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Baby Boomers Planning Ahead, and Green Burials are On the Rise

Jay Castaño knows exactly what his funeral will be like.

A few days after he dies, friends and family will gather in Southeast Washington, say a few kind words and put his unembalmed body straight into the Earth.

“I want to be wrapped in a shroud like a little burrito ...

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Green Funerals - With Death Comes Life

We are all individuals and we are entitled to our own varying beliefs in this life. There are so many things we can believe in, and so many factors affecting our perception of life and death. With so many beliefs, however, there is one constant we could all agree upon ...

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Alkaline Hydrolysis: A Greener Cremation

Final disposition of a deceased loved one is traditionally thought of in terms of burial or cremation. However, along with green burials, which are an alternative and more environmentally conscious way to lay a loved one to rest in a ground burial, a new form of final disposition is starting to gain some ...

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5 Ways to “Go-Green” at Your Funeral (and Save Money)

You go out of your way to put every plastic bottle, can, and paper in recycling. You compost your organic materials.  You collect rainwater to irrigate your garden, and installed solar panels on your roof to reduce your dependence on the electrical grid.  Like many Americans and Canadians ...

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Green Burials - Going Green Until The End

Americans are leaning more and more towards being environmentally conscious consumers.  As a society we have become accustomed to: recycling, composting, conserving water, purchasing locally made goods and locally grown food, driving fuel efficient vehicles, utilizing reusable coffee mugs, researching product manufacturing labels, and generally engaging in activities that ...

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