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About Officiants

An officiant, or celebrant, leads funeral services, saying prayers and delivering eulogies. In secural funeral and memorial services funeral directors often act as officiants; while relgious funerals are typically lead by a family's chosen clergy. You can also hire a non-denominational life-cycle officiant to help design and lead a personalized funeral or memorial ceremony for your loved one.

In general, officiants can be divided into two main categories:

1.) Clergy, who are religiously oriented such as rabbis and pastors

2.) Non-denominational or secular officiants, also called celebrants or life-cycle celebrants

Finding the right officiant or celebrant for your funeral, memorial, or celebration of life doesn't have to be difficult. Funerals360 contains a marketplace with professionals who can design a personal and meaningful ceremony for you or your loved one. Get started by searching for officiants near you.

Articles About Officiants and Celebrants

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One of the most important--and unavoidable--determinations for any funeral is deciding who will officiate the actual funeral or memorial service. The decision can be a difficult one if the deceased did not specify any final wishes. Will it be a clergy member, a trusted family member, or a certified celebrant? ...
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One of the best parts of being a Funeral Celebrant is helping families think of Rituals for the Ceremony. Some of these create interaction with the guests attending. Words and music are important; however, the Rituals are something visual that almost everyone remembers. People will often comment, “I have never seen ...
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What is a Funeral Celebrant? Funeral celebrants are ceremony specialists who have a sound background in the history of ritual, ceremony, and funeral traditions in many cultures and religions. Celebrants take the time to learn about your loved one and will weave their life story into a unique end-of-life ceremony. ...
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