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Preparing for the Inevitable

Life is short and sometimes it throws us the unexpected. We all recognize this and then, from time-to-time, we vow to make the most of the time we have. This is especially true when a tragedyhappens so close to home which seems to happen more and more these days.

As ...

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Water Scattering: How to Pick the Right Biodegradable Urn

With cremation becoming so popular, the rise in products to accommodate cremated remains has also expanded. There are standard urns for display in the house or niche at the cemetery, urns designed to be buried, scattering tubes to facilitate scattering, urns that help you turn into a tree, some that are meant to ...

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Partnership with Eases Burden of Funeral Planning

I’m Sorry to Hear and announce the launch of new content and features on that bring funeral planning tools & education to the region’s largest media outlet.

Users can now leverage “Funeral Planning Tools”, “Educational Articles”, and the “Find a Funeral Vendor” search tool to facilitate the search for funeral homes ...

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Burial Pods – How Environmentally Friendly Are They?

An Op-Ed on the Burial Pods aka Capsula Mundi

The appeal of green burials (aka "natural burials") in the USA and Canada, with its values rooted in sustainability and environmental consciousness has gained increased attention in recent years. Of course green burial practices have been in place for centuries ...

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Sympathy Gift Ideas: Going Beyond Flowers

A sympathy gift is a way to communicate with grieving families or individuals that their grief is valid, you are thinking of them, and you care for them. Often times, flowers are sent to a family or funeral, however there are many other gifts you can send that may be more ...

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After the Funeral - What to Do with a Deceased Person's Estate, Assets, and Debts

After the death of a loved one, often family members are barely over their mourning when the letters and notice from creditors and hospitals start pouring in. Families are often left with the question of what to do with the deceased person’s assets and personal property. Often the deceased person ...

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Facebook Introduces the Option of a Legacy Contact

Facebook is a place to share and connect with friends and family. For many of us, it’s also a place to remember and honor those we’ve lost. When a person passes away, their account can become a memorial of their life, friendships and experiences.

Facebook has introduced a new feature that ...

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Closing Bank and Financial Accounts After Death

When a death occurs in the family, aside from the emotional turmoil, family members and living loved ones are also faced with the problem of legal issues, especially pertaining to open financial accounts. So how do you close a bank account or a credit card account of someone who has ...

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What Happens to Debt When Someone Dies?

Q. What happens with outstanding debt after the death of the borrower? Will spouse, children, parents, or next of kin be responsible for it?

A. In short, if the deceased possesses debt after death, it is their estate that is responsible for the payment of creditors. Family and relatives are ...

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FTC proposes new guidelines for collecting debt from dead people

By Ylan Q. Mui for the Washington Post

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking to revise the protocol surrounding two of life's touchiest subjects: debt and death.

Debt collection has become an increasingly controversial practice as more Americans default on loan payments. Government data show the ...

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