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Funeral Assistance for Those Who Need It

Funerals today are very expensive and not everyone is able to afford them. Because of this some states offer burial or cremation assistance or benefits for indigent persons or families without a means to pay for funeral expenses for a loved one who received welfare of social service benefits.

Indigent ...

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Dramatic Funeral Customs From Around the World

Cover Photocredit: Design Indaba

Around the world, there are many different ways to commemorate and respect the deaths of those who have passed. In North America, cremation and ground burial are the most common means of burial. Here we are highlighting five (5) dramatic (and graphic) death customs that were ...

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Top 5 Creative Ways to Spread Cremated Remains

When it comes to cremating your loved ones, it can sometimes be hard to think of the perfect way to remember them and honor their life.  Here at I’m Sorry To Hear we have seen a lot of different and creative ways to say good bye to your loved ...

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Giving Yourself a Basic Education About Funeral Planning Now

By Judith Johnson for the Huffington Post

If you had to plan a funeral for a loved one tomorrow, would you know what to do and what not to do? Most of us are woefully unprepared when faced with this task and must do so while grieving the loss of ...

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What to Know About Scattering Ashes (and some creative ways to do it)
Can I scatter my ashes in the backyard? How about at my local park? How about in a baseball stadium like in that one movie? With more people opting for cremation than ever before, finding the right place to scatter is important, though the legality of it is is even ...
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DNA Memorialization Prior to Burial or Cremation

What is DNA Memorialization?

DNA memorialization (also called DNA preservation) is the process of taking the DNA of someone and preserving it before they are buried or cremated.

DNA is a genealogical record of your body. Everyone has their own unique DNA makeup which means no two people are identical ...

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The Death Doula or Death Midwife


When you think of the word “midwife” you think of childbirth, however this is not the only kind of midwife. The other midwife is a death midwife or more commonly known as “death doula”. 

What is a Death Doula?

A death doula is a man or woman whose ...

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Can I Bring My Own Casket or Urn?

If you are wondering whethe you have to buy a casket, urn or other merchandise from a funeral home. The simple answer is "No". The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) clearly outline your choices when it comes to purchasing a casket, detailing that that you do not have to buy a casket ...

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Three Ways To Say Goodbye To Man's Best Friend: Dealing With Pet Death

Pet Deaths

Many families consider a pet an integral part of the family, so the death of a pet can be really tough on a family.  There are many ways to memorialize a pet, below we listed three different options for you to consider: Pet Cremation, Pet Burial, Taxidermy.

Pet ...

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How to Travel With & Mail Cremated Remains

If you are  considering mailing or traveling with cremated remains, commonly referred to as "cremains", this blog will give you an overview of how to properly mail the cremated remains of  your loved one to ensure they make it to their destination as smooth as possible.

In the USA, there ...

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