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Three Ways To Say Goodbye To Man's Best Friend: Dealing With Pet Death

Pet Deaths

Many families consider a pet an integral part of the family, so the death of a pet can be really tough on a family.  There are many ways to memorialize a pet, below we listed three different options for you to consider: Pet Cremation, Pet Burial, Taxidermy.

Pet ...

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How to Travel With & Mail Cremated Remains

If you are  considering mailing or traveling with cremated remains, commonly referred to as "cremains", this blog will give you an overview of how to properly mail the cremated remains of  your loved one to ensure they make it to their destination as smooth as possible.

In the USA, there ...

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The Executor's Guide to Wills & Estate Planning

The Executor's Guide to Staying Out of Trouble

The role of an Executor, also referred to as a Personal Representative or Administrator depending on the state, is equivalent to the CEO of an estate. The ideal executor serves the estate and those who are legally interested in it. Is it ...

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Rachel is now a Tribe12 Fellow!

Tribe12 Names Rachel Zeldin as a 2014 Fellow!

Rachel Zeldin, Founder and CEO of I’m Sorry To Hear and Funerals360, has been named a 2014 Tribe12 Fellow. This is the fourth class of Tribe12 fellows since its inception in 2010.

What is Tribe12?

Tribe12 is a network of projects that help ...

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Organ Donation: What Happens If I Donate My Organs?

The Facts of Organ Donation

Donating organs is incredibly important in saving lives. Most people will not receive the transplant they need in order to live. This article goes over how to donate your organs, what happens after you donate your organs, and the myths of organ donation.

Who is ...

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Body Donation: What Happens to My Body if I Donate It?

What Happens After I Donate My Body?

There are two types of donation when it comes to your body. You can either donate your whole body or just your organs. If you donate your body then your body will be used to help further medical advancements or help teach new ...

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Alkaline Hydrolysis: A Greener Cremation

Final disposition of a deceased loved one is traditionally thought of in terms of burial or cremation. However, along with green burials, which are an alternative and more environmentally conscious way to lay a loved one to rest in a ground burial, a new form of final disposition is starting to gain some ...

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What do you mean my will doesn't control everything?

The decision of who gets what after you die is an important one; it is your last one - one that you want to get right.  Many people think that a Will controls how everything passes at death, but that may only be partially true, depending on the nature of ...

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VA Veterans Burial Benefits

As a Veteran, you are entitled to several burial benefits upon death. These burial benefits can include a grace site in one of the 131 national and state veterans cemeteries, opening and closing of the grave, perpetual care of your grave, a government headstone or marker, a burial flag, and ...

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VA Funeral & Burial Benefits Eligibility

Veterans Affairs Benefits (VA Benefits) are benefits given to veterans by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of these benefits can help when planning a funeral and a lot of veterans are eligible for burial benefits but don’t even know it.

Veteran Funeral and Cemetery Benefits

Benefits include ...

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