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World Funeral Customs: Hindu Funeral Traditions

Background on Hinduism

Hinduism is the dominant religion of the Indian sub-continent and the third largest religion in the world, with around a billion followers. It is also widely held as the oldest organized religion in the world. Hinduism is considered to be a fusion of ancient cultural traditions from ...

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Funeral for one: Why burial decisions still matter when you don't have kids

Looking ahead to end-of-life decisions is never easy. But having children, or close family members, sometimes tidies the to-do list. You choose a burial site where your kids can easily travel. There's an obvious loved one to handle all the decisions and paperwork.

So individuals who don't have children — ...

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World Funeral Customs: Quaker Funeral Traditions

About The Quaker Religion

Although Quakerism has evolved greatly since the outset, its founding principle still prevails throughout the religion. This primary belief is that the ‘inner light’ of Christ (and by extension, God) lives inside the soul of every human. And, thus, this ‘light’ should be cultivated individually without ...

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The Difference Between A Viewing and Visitation

A viewing or visitation gives family and friends a place and time to gather, grieve, and console one another. But what is the difference between them?

Defining a Viewing and Visitation


A "Viewing" is when the body is present in an open-casket.


At a "Visitation" the body ...

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VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know About The Good Death

The Good Death | Dying on Your Own Terms

Irina Jordan, founder of Artisurn talks about the "good death" and all that it entails on this TEDX Talk. From green burials, to home funerals to death doulas, to death with dignity laws, Irina neatly sums up all the good ways to ...

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$100,000 from AOL Founder Down to 8 Finalists Read

By Jared Shelly for PhillyMag

After more than 130 Philly companies applied, the quest for a $100,000 investment from one of the world’s best-known angel investors has narrowed to eight semi-finalists. Steve Case — AOL founder and champion of tech cities not named Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New ...

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World Funeral Customs: Eastern Europe

Eastern Orthodox Influence

Funeral traditions in Eastern Europe are guided heavily by the Christian beliefs of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church officially separated from the Roman Catholic Church in the year 1054. This historical event is known as the Great Schism. Today, the Eastern Orthodox Church is the ...

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World Funeral Customs: Eastern Asia

This section provides an overview of funeral rituals and customs in East Asia. Click on one of the following countries to skip to that section and learn about the specific and unique funeral practices of ChinaSouth KoreaVietnam and Philippines.

Basic Spiritual Beliefs

A common belief in ...

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Cemetery Glossary: Common Cemetery Jargon That You Should Know

Funeral360's Cemetery Glossary is guide to the cemetery jargon you should know when planning for your end-of-life care.


Synonymous with Interment, the placing of human remains in an underground enclosure.


Grounds dedicated to the burial and memorialization of human remains.


Sometimes referred to as “Urn Mausoleums”. A building ...

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How to Appoint a Designated Funeral Agent

Appointing a designated funeral agent is a legal way for you to specify a person to be in charge of arranging your funeral. This could entail trusting them to follow through with your personal funeral preferences or allowing them to be in charge of all funeral decisions and the arrangement of your ...

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