Social Media After Death: How to Close A Pinterest Account

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Posted on June 30, 2015 by

With digital assets growing with each new online account opened, many social media websites have created policies on how to close an account of the deceased.  Below you will find Pinterest’s policy on how to close a Pinterest account of a deceased loved one:

Pinterest can deactivate a deceased person's account if a family member gets in touch with them. Once they've deactivated the account, it won't be accessible anymore. Because they want to respect the privacy of Pinners, they can’t give out any personal or login information. If you’d like to deactivate a deceased person’s account, please email with:

  1. Your full name

  2. The full name and email address on this person’s account

  3. A link to their Pinterest account (ex: If you don’t know this, try searching for it on //

  4. Documentation of their passing (ex: death certificate, obituary, news article)

  5. Your relationship to the person with documentation to verify it, like:

    • Birth or marriage certificate

    • Public mention of relation

    • Family tree

    • Family/household records

    • Notarized proof of relation

    • If your name is included in the obituary, that's sufficient

View Pinterest - Closing Accounts of the Deceased
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