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'Every dollar you prepay to a funeral home has to be guaranteed' Ryder funeral home scandal prompts forum

Published in print: Thursday, October 16, 2014

By Chad Cain for the Daily Hampshire Gazette 

NORTHAMPTON — A visit to a funeral home early Wednesday to pay respects to a friend got Claudia E. Hodges thinking hard about what kind of funeral she wants after she dies — and how she ...

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Baby Boomers Planning Ahead, and Green Burials are On the Rise

Jay Castaño knows exactly what his funeral will be like.

A few days after he dies, friends and family will gather in Southeast Washington, say a few kind words and put his unembalmed body straight into the Earth.

“I want to be wrapped in a shroud like a little burrito ...

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Caleb Wilde talks "Embracing Death"

Funeral director Caleb Wilde spoke at a local TEDx event regarding the idea of death acceptance within our culture. Through a journey of small steps, our culture had shifted from a healthy acceptance of death to denial of it. The sixth generation funeral director explored options to help us return ...

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A Comparison of Crowdfunding Platforms for Funerals and Memorials

Whether a death is sudden or expected, it is always sad and often stressful pulling together details and finances in a short amount of time. Given that most people do not save for their funeral, those remaining are not only left with grief, but also a lot of expenses. You ...

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Crowdfunding for Funeral and Memorials

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a means of fundraising for a particular, product, project, or event. Many of us are familiar with the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, which is great for creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, but they don’t do anything for funeral, memorials, or charity events. However, there are a variety ...

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General Price List (GPL) Definitions

Funeral Home General Price List Glossary (A-Z)

A General Price List (GPL) is a list of all the products and services that a funeral home offers for sale. It is comprised of an itemized lists of those products and services and may include "packages" of services and a Casket, Urn ...

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How to Handle Funeral Costs

By Susan Johnston for US News and World Reports

They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. Uncle Sam withholds money for taxes, but there's no forced savings for a funeral. Most people don't give it much thought until they're grieving the loss of a loved one – ...

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An Undertaking: A Touching Mini-Documentary

The difficult topic of death was discussed between a grandson and his beloved grandmother in this touching video, "An Undertaking." Michael Yates's passion for wood-working brought him to the act of creating a casket for his grandmother. Pre-planning becomes an emotional journey with this wood-work project, and Michael ...

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Obituaries and Death Notices Explained

Within the puzzling series of events and course of action that follow a loved one’s death, there is often a formal announcement of the death - the placing of an obituary or death notice in a newspaper and/or online. The announcement of death is never something someone wants to hear ...

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'I’m Sorry to Hear' Welcomed into Project Liberty Digital Incubator

Founded by Drexel grad Rachel Zeldin, the former Baiada Institute company is touted as the "TripAdvisor of funeral planning."

Rachel Zeldin, founder of online funeral planning resource I’m Sorry to Hear, LLC, has found a new home at 801 Market Street in Project Liberty’s Digital Incubator. 

The incubator ...

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