A Woman's Guide to What to Wear to a Funeral

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Posted on March 29, 2016 by

Do’s and Don'ts of Dressing for a Funeral

Fashion is always changing, therefore it is important to keep tabs on what is deemed appropriate for more somber occasions. The struggle many seem to face when dressing for a funeral is to not offend the honor of the person who has passed while also being comfortable and feeling good in what you are wearing. According to Who What Wear these are the 5 things we should take into account when figuring out what to wear to a funeral: 

Guidelines for Funeral Dresses:

1. Cover Up 

Every inch of your body is not expected to be covered but it is important to make sure your skirts and dresses go past your knees. Try to avoid cut-outs of any sort and spaghetti straps are a big NO NO. Make sure your straps cover your shoulders, symbolizing respect for your loved one.

2. Modest Shoes 

This is not the occasion for your highest sexiest heal. Tone it down with a classic low pump or a fancy ballet flat.

3. Dark Colors 

Wearing all black to a funeral is a cliché of funeral culture, but in recent years the all black look is not as imperative. While you can't go wrong with all black to a funeral, other options are now becoming more appropriate. As long as the color is dark such as a dark gray or purple it is appropriate to wear. Make sure to avoid bright and light colors as those colors could come off too cheery and offend other mourners. It is important to note that some cultures don't necessarily dress in all black, so be mindful of cultural norms

4. Consider a One-Piece Option 

The key of dressing for an occasion like this is dressing as simple as possible. A jumpsuit is another great option, aside from a dress, if you do not want to worry about fidgeting with your outfit throughout the day.

5. Minimal Jewelry 

Funerals are not about being flashy or showing off. This is the time to pull out your simple jewelry that honors the memory of the person lost.

The main thing to remember about funeral fashion is to keep it simple - the attention is not supposed to be on you so no need to show off. Just stick to your basics!

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