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Death Over Dinner

It has become apparent in the recent months that talking about death is trendy. That's right, TRENDY. From Death Cafes to new end-of-life planning websites (too many to list here) to Death Over Dinner, the most recent addition to the global movement to talk about death before it is too ...

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What do I do? It's kind of weird...

By Mark Eyerly for Drexel's Market Street Publication

If the hearses outside the hotel weren’t enough to remind Rachel Zeldin that she turned her life upside down, her fellow vendors in the exhibit hall at the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association drove the point home.

Casket manufacturers. Embalming fluids salesmen. Cremation ...

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The Golden Girls Plan a Funeral - A Humorous Take on a Serious Topic

Ready for some funeral humor? Watch this throw-back as Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia make arrangements for putting a "frenemy" to rest.

As is in the intended nature of a classic sitcom, hopefully these funeral clips offer a little bit of humor on the traditionally dark topics of death and funerals ...

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Shiva 101 - A Simple Guide to Shiva Practices

Funeral and mourning rituals and traditions vary greatly between different cultures and religions. Today we are taking a look at the Jewish mourning tradition of "sitting shiva".  To help us understand what this means and what we can do as mourners or supporters of mourners, we have consulted with "The ...

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How Much Does It Cost to Die? The Answer Might Surprise You...

Une Belle Vie released this helpful infographic on the true cost of death. The infographic illustrates how much funerals, memorials, cremations and other death care options costs have risen from 1960 to 2010. It also provides the breakdown cost between burials and cremations and their impact on the environment.

According ...

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What to Do When A Loved One Dies Away From Home?

Transportation of Remains by Air

It is stressful enough when a loved one dies, but when a loved one dies away from home there is an added layer of complexity.

What is the common process of transporting the deceased home or to the location of the funeral?

To get answers ...

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Grief Talk with Audrey featuring Rachel Zeldin on Funeral Planning

Funeral Planning by Grief Talk with Audrey on Blog Talk Radio

Rachel Zeldin of Funerals360 (formerly I'm Sorry to Hear) chatted with Audrey Pellicano, the Wise Widow about funeral planning, caskets, the Funeral Rule, and other need-to-know items when planning a funeral. Listen online or download to be an informed funeral ...

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Website Assists in Funeral Planning. Help at a Sad Time

By Jeff Gelles for the Philadelphia Inquirer

Compared with many siblings, Rachel Zeldin's great-uncle Rafe led an adventurous life.

He headed west, worked as a musician and as a roadie and hairstylist for jazz groups, and eventually settled in New Mexico. But he never married, had no children, and left ...

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What You Need to Know About Home Funerals

Home funerals are on the rise all over the country, and home funeral guides are leading the way. But what is a “home funeral” and what is a “home funeral guide?” We spoke with Lee Websiter from the National Home Funeral Alliance  and a Home Funeral Guide, to get ...

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Website Offers Options for a Certainty in Life

By Eric Berger / Staff for Jewish Exponent

RACHEL ZELDIN had a great uncle whom she describes as "a West Coast hippie" who worked for jazz bands and went on the road with celebrities during his life. 

That free-spirited nature made for a satisfying existence but didn't include precautions more conventional ...

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