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A funeral home displayed a Vietnam vet’s body without a coffin over a payment dispute

By Brian Murphy for the Miami Herald

A dispute over payment led to a deceased Vietnam War veteran’s body being placed on a gurney — not in a coffin — during his visitation at a funeral home in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, according to pictures posted by his family members.

George ...

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Funerals360 Wins Aging2.0 Global Startup Search

Over the past few months we've been working hard to make Funerals360 the best online resource for people in all stages of the funeral planning process. Our efforts have recently been recognized in the Aging2.0 Global Startup Search, where we were awarded 2nd place and the Audience Choice award ...

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Introducing Online Memorials at Funerals360

It can be difficult to adequately commemorate a loved one. Usually, obituaries are brief and include only a single photo of the deceased. Often, this limited nature of obituaries can make people feel like they are not appropriately honouring the lives of people they have lost.

Funerals360’s new Online Memorials ...

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Introducing My Funeral Wishes at Funerals360

According to the NFDA the average cost of a full service burial is $12,243. Often, people will spend more money on a funeral than the deceased would have wanted simply because they are trying to honour their loved one in the best possible way but don’t know their preferences ...

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We’ve mastered weddings—but the funeral needs a lot of work

By Vanessa Quirk for Quartz April 4, 2017

The $20-billion-dollar death industry is ripe for disruption—and not of the zombie kind.

A typical funeral service today is remarkably similar to one from 50 years ago. A funeral home will display the embalmed body, perhaps in an open casket, while a ...

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Bringing the Funeral Industry into the 21st Century

On April 23, 2017 the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Princeton is hosting their annual conference featuring guest speaker, Josh Slocum, Executive Director of the National Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA).

He will deliver a talk on "Bringing the Funeral Industry into the 21st Century" which includes: 

  • Why is ...

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Sorry, Nobody Wants Your Parents’ Stuff

Advice for boomers desperate to unload family heirloom

By Richard Eisenberg for Next Avenue, February 9, 2016

After my father died at 94 in September, leaving my sister and me to empty his one-bedroom, independent living New Jersey apartment, we learned the hard truth that others in their 50s and ...

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FTC Covert Funeral Home Investigations Reveal Violations

February 15, 2017 via FTC News

Federal Trade Commission investigators working undercover in nine states found failures to disclose pricing information to consumers, as required by the FTC’s Funeral Rule, in 31 of the 133 funeral homes they visited during 2015 and 2016.

The FTC conducts undercover inspections to ensure ...

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Unlicensed West Philly undertaker sentenced to two years' probation

By Joseph A. Slobodzian, Staff Writer for

An unlicensed West Philadelphia funeral director whose mortuary was closed by the state in 2015 has been sentenced to two years’ probation and ordered to repay $5,000 to three families whose dead relatives were mishandled.

Blair Hawkins, 54, of Laurel Springs ...

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Northeast Texas Cremation Costs Vary Dramatically

By George Hale • MAR 21, 2017 for 88.9 KTR

In Northeast Texas, the cost of a cremation can be unpredictable.

In Paris, for example, the Peaceful Rest funeral home charges $950. Go two miles east, to Bright Holland funeral home, and it's more than $2,000. Three others in Paris charge ...

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