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Afterlife planning mouse-click away as consumers go online

By Justine Coyne, Reporter for Pittsburgh Business Times

When Pete McQuillin’s father-in-law passed away in December 2011 in Virginia, he received direct cremation estimates from local funeral directors that averaged $4,000 to $5,000.

Thinking the price was too high, he went online and found a direct cremation ...

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What You Need to Know When Paying for a Funeral

Did you know that the average cost of a full-service "traditional burial" in the United States is over $7,000 excluding cemetery and reception costs?! This ranks funerals as the 2nd or 3rd most expensive life event. Unfortunatley, less than 1/3 of the US population pre-plans for this life ...

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How to Support a Friend After the Death of a Loved One

Many of us struggle to find the right words to say to a friend or family member who is at the beginning stages in grieving the death of a loved one. If you know someone who is grieving but you are searching for an appropriate thing to say or do ...

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To Keep or Not to Keep? Tips From a Home Downsizing Expert

What To Keep, Donate, Sell, and Discard When Cleaning Out a House of a Loved One

Following the passing of a loved one such as a parent, grandparent, relative or close family friend what do I do with all of their household items?

Since many people do not realize how ...

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How to Choose a Funeral Home

In this post, we cover the main factors to consider when choosing a funeral home or funeral service provider. Choosing a funeral home is a very personal experience. There are many factors to consider when selecting a funeral home to work with. Below we outline some of the major points to ...

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How to Pick a Funeral Home

We are often asked "how many funeral homes should you evaluate before choosing one?" and "how do I pick a funeral home?" While there is no scientific answer to this question, we would recommend that a family evaluate 3-5 funeral homes to understand what services each of them ...

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Her Idea Is Dead On

By Kate Fratti / Report Bucks County Courier Times

Sometimes I get sucked into the criticism of the generation of kids we've raised. Then I meet one who is making his or her way in the world and I'm reassured.

Like Rachel Zeldin, 29, a poised and professional Pennsbury grad who ...

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How to find a list of funeral homes and funeral home websites in the USA
Many people ask "How do I find a list of funeral homes websites in the United States"? Before recently, the answer wasn't as straight forward since information can be found in all sorts of online destinations - good and bad. We estimate that just over half of the funeral homes that ...
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The Funeral Rule: Rules You Should Know
The following rules, commonly referred to as The Funeral Rule, were established and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to protect consumers during the funeral planning process.

Buy only the funeral arrangements you want 

You have the right to buy separate goods (such as caskets) and services (such as ...

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What Is a Burial Vault or Outer Burial Container?

What are Burial Vaults, Liners and Outer Burial Containers?

A burial vault or grave liner is an outer burial container usually made of concrete but can also be made of steel or plastic. A burial vault or a grave liner is placed in the grave prior to lowering the casket for ...

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