How Cremation Diamond Jewelry is Made


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If you’ve recently lost someone special, cremation jewelry can provide a unique and personalized way of keeping your loved one close. Some bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklace pendants can be made from small amounts of ash of the deceased, including cremation diamonds. Other cremation jewelry, such as urn pendants, can hold the ashes in a small chamber.

Cremation diamonds are available in different carat sizes and colors to fit personal preferences. Most manufacturers provide desirable cuts including princess, round, or radiant. Below is a detailed process of how diamond cremation jewelry is made. In the western world, there are only 2 companies that produce their own cremation diamonds and cremation jewelry. One of them, our Guest Author, is Heart In Diamond.

Cremation diamond manufacturing process:

Step 1: Getting started with CAD software and prototyping

The process of turning ashes into cremation jewelry is straightforward. Just send in the specified amount of ashes or hair of your loved one and the process of making the jewelry will begin. It’s at this point that you tell the designer your vision for the piece of jewelry. The designer will take your idea and make it into a visual design using CAD software for your approval.

Step 2: Creation of diamonds from ashes

Cremation diamonds are then made using a patented process where specialists heat the ashes to high temperatures. Before carbon is extracted, the human ashes are purified at high temperatures. The purification process converts carbon to graphite to create a one-of-a-kind diamond. If carbon from the remains is not enough, generic carbon is created to make the diamond.

The carbon is exposed to a “High-Pressure High-Temperature” (HPHT) environment to artificially simulate the natural environment. Next, a diamond seed is prepared and put in a press. It’s heated to temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and exposed to intense pressure. This kind of environment mimics the one in the earth’s crust.

The molten catalyst is crystallized and a cremation diamond is born. During the process, the manufacturer uses state-of-the-art equipment to produce 60,000 atmospheres (880 pounds per square inch) of pressure. The high heat and pressure are what makes the carbon form into a flawless and unbreakable diamond, just like mined diamonds. The longer it stays in the press, the larger it becomes. To ensure erratic growth patterns, temperature consistency is key.

At the start of the production process, the final color of the diamond is still undefined. It’s good to note that the natural color of a cremation diamond is always yellow due to other elements like nitrogen. A final analysis report will serve as the unique identification of the diamond.

Step 3: Cutting and polishing

Examples of cremation diamond colors and cutsTo bring out its true potential, a cutter facets the rough diamond into the desired style using the latest innovations and methods. After that, the diamond goes through cross work to determine clarity, maximum weight, and specific shape of the diamond. Lastly, the main facets are smoothened, and your diamond creation is complete.

A colorless memorial diamond shows additional work has been done during the purification process. When making cremation diamonds of large sizes, there are usually more inclusions. Inclusions are tiny imperfections that occur in natural and synthetic diamonds. They can only be seen under 10x magnification.

The cut brings out the brilliance and sparkle. The most dazzling shape in all diamond cuts is 58 facets.

Step 4: Issuing of the Certificate of Authenticity

You should always be concerned about the authenticity of the final product after turning cremation ashes into a diamond. The manufacturer must provide this certification as a testament to upholding high standards. Each shows the 4C grading—carat, color, cut, and clarity.

Duration of the process

The entire cremation diamond jewelry making process may take several months, but the result will be a loving tribute to your loved one that will last a lifetime.

For more information on the process of creating diamonds from cremated remains, visit the Heart in Diamond website and watch the video below:

About the Guest Author

Hearts in Diamond Cremation Diamond JewelerHearts in Diamond creates stunningly beautiful diamonds from hair or cremation ashes. Our memorial diamonds have provided people around the world with a unique reminder of those they love.

All of our diamonds are 100% REAL and receive a gemology grade according to the 4 Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carat.

We've been creating diamonds for more than 10 years for many occasions: memorial, wedding, newborns, pet's, celebrations, sporting events and more.

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