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Death with Dignity

Posted on April 05, 2016 by

Earlier this month, the Death With Dignity National Center released an update on USA-wide death with dignity legislation. The updates were highlighted by a countdown to June 9th when California, with their End of Life Option Act, will join Oregon, Washington, and Vermont in providing peace of mind for all those who wish this to be an option. In addition to the California End of Life Option Act, the Death With Dignity National Center has proposed the establishment Senate Bill 1002, End of Life Option Telephone Number Act, which will mandate that the California Department of Public Health create a toll-free number where Californians will learn how to navigate the legal and medical requirements of the new law.

Death with Dignity Updates in Other States:

MARYLAND  - while Maryland will not pass their End of Life Option Act this year, their have been significant strides forward through committee hearings in both chambers.

HAWAI‘I  - in Hawaii, a bill stalled in a Senate Committee but Death with Dignity will continue to build a coalition of supporters and allies and raise awareness throughout the state.

NEW YORK - New York's End of Life Options group continues to pursue the Patient Self-Determination Act.

MAINE - in preparation for next year’s session in Maine, Death with Dignity is assisting their partner organization, It’s MyDeath, in raising awareness with educational events. For a state-by-state overview of Death with Dignity legislation, see the map below: dwd

In states where there is no legislative activity, Death With Dignity National Center is supporting the efforts of the grass-roots organizations in Ohio, Virginia, and Texas.

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