In Loving Memory Of

Hadley Grace Otts


Hadley Grace was a healthy baby girl, is what we were told by the doctors. We had an ultra sound every doctor appointment, including genetic testing just like I had done before with my other kids. Genetic testing came back negative. No signs any health problems. When Hadley was born via c section, she had breathing problems. We were still told she was going to be okay. After doctors looked over her, the second day of her in the NICU we were given the most devasting news. Hadley had trisomy 13 along with VSD. We were informed she didn’t have much time to left with her. She was in the NICU FOR 16 days, then she was finally able to come home under hospice care. We were so happy she was able to come home and finally meet her siblings and other family members. March 20th I had noticed her sigh. I immediately called the nurse and my fiancé in a panick. Not knowing these were her signs that her fight was over. She passed away peacefully in my arms surrounded by her loved ones.

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