In Loving Memory Of

Ava Brielle Savannah Rose


Ava Brielle Savannah Rose was born on
Wednesday July 19th 2017 to Jesslynn and Michael In a small house in Las Vegas Nevada she is survived by her
parents, siblings, grand parents,cousins, aunts, and uncles she loved unicorns and she was beautiful and kindhearted she loved everyone she met and she lit up any room she walked into in just the short 4 years she was on this earth she has had a huge impact on not only her family
and friends but anyone she's ever met she's a pink and purple unicorn and all things sparkle loving little girl that has a huge legacy she was the sparkle in this world that anyone and everyone needed she was a shy/quiet little girl to strangers but a huge firecracker/unicorn crazy little girl that loved life despite all of the pain and scary things she had to endure in the 4 years she was in this world she also loved annoying her cousin anytime she had the chance too she would go up to people that were sad and try and comfort and cheer them since she didn't like when others were sad she loved movie nights and crazy amusement park rides that she was able to go she loved helping others
she would always hang out with others so they wouldn't feel alone she had one main goal and that goal was to make others happy and appreciated she not she didn't just pass that goal with flying colors but she made a difference in this world she will forever and always be cherished and greatly Missed

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