In Loving Memory Of

Danielle Gracielynn Parker


Danielle Gracielynn Parker was born on March 12 2011, to her parents Elise and Justin Parker in a small town in Las Vegas Nevada, she had 4 siblings she enjoyed watching YouTube, making others happy and playing video games one of her many talents was making edits for people she passed away on June 30th 2021, at the age of 10 years in her 10 years of life she accomplished many things she even stole the hearts of people she met she was a loving and shy little girl that did everything and anything she could to put a smile on someone’s face there was never a dull moment when Danielle was around she brightened her family and friends life she loved watching movies with family as well as ride her skateboard anyone who knew Danielle knew how loved and special they were to her she was a gorgeous girl with the most purest heart in this world she had a bright personality that always sparked with love, beauty and compassion she fought as hard as she could she fought until the very end she fought a long and hard battle against Cystic Fibrosis and in the end she won her battle and gained her wings and flew to heaven where she was welcomed by her great grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts and her pets she will forever be loved, missed and cherished in the memory and in the hearts of the people she loved the most and the people that loved her the most Rest in Paradise Danielle you are safe now you will never be forgotten and you’re legacy/memory will live on in the hearts of everyone that loved you dearly.

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