In Loving Memory Of

Isabella Peyton


Isabella Peyton was born on Sunday August 14th 2011, to Alison and Dale in Las Vegas She passed Away on Sunday May 29th 2022, she had 4 siblings and she loved the color purple her favorite animals were pandas and seals she is survived by her mother,father,siblings,cousins and other members of the family she loved making others happy in her short 10 years of life she accomplished many things she had big goals and dreams she fought  huge battles in her life she is loved by many she had such a pure heart Isabella wanted to be friends with or help others around her she was selfless and she loved getting online rewards from her online school programs but the thing she loved most in life were her cousins and her friends as well as her pets she will forever and always be loved,cherished and in the hearts of the ones she loved and who knew and loved her her she was the light in so many peoples lives including her cousins she taught others to never take life for granted because you never know if you get another day Isabella was a cherished cousin,daughter and sibling she gave it her all in everything she did one of her favorite things to do was pick beautiful flowers and make hand made head pieces out of them she always tried to see the good in others one of her most favorite things to do was annoy her cousins every chance she got she was a intelligent,bright,spunky little girl that deserves to be remembered by the people she loved and the people that loved her most she is as a angel on earth and now she is a angel in heaven

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