University of Kentucky College of Medicine Willed Body Program

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About University of Kentucky College of Medicine Willed Body Program

We are not accepting new body donors at the moment. Please call or check back for changes in the future.

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  • 4 out of 5
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    It's been several years since they stopped taking new donations. I wonder if they will ever do it again. If they are unwilling to do this because of the stain caused by errors they made in the past, I hope that they will reconsider opening back up to the public because there is a huge need for this service for people who do not wish to go through typical funeral arrangements. I was pending on the list at one time when I received my donor registration kit. I had the kit for a few months and was ready to mail it back to them. I phoned them to ask questions about remains, and then I was told to just forget about it because they were busy clearing their backlog issues that happened when people in charge mishandled the procedures in place. They were really behind in getting the remains processed , something like two years backlogged because of a change in program administration. However, after all of the mess they went through, there are many of us who are willing to give them another chance at this. Not only are we willing to give them a chance, many of us need this service and we feel like we would be helping by doing this type of donation. I would like to know if they don't need the donations, or if they are just unable to streamline the program, --- or maybe it is not worth the hassle to open the program up again? Perhaps they are getting donations from other schools? I know I was disappointed when they abruptly shut it down .. you know, since I was only minutes away from mailing in my donor papers. There are some other options, but we're talking 100 plus miles away, and there would be a cost to the donor if we go that route. Okay, that's about all for my opinion and review of using UK as a final destination.

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University of Kentucky College of Medicine Willed Body Program is a body donation organization based in Lexington, Kentucky.  

Donating your body to science for medical research, training, or special needs like forensic testing is one of the most meaningful and cost-effective after-death funeral options a person can choose. You should take care in evaluating all of your body donation options, and when possible, pre-enrolling in one. Always make a back-up plan, though, since sometimes bodies aren't accepted and you and your family will need to know how to proceed with your death-care.