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A New Technology Creates This Bizarre and Beautiful Alternative To Burying Your Deceased Loved Ones

As traditional in our culture as funerals and burials of loved ones have become, it's a pretty wasteful practice. A company out of Switzerland has recognized this and has offered up a brilliant and offbeat alternative to remembering your loved ones.

Algordanza has perfected a technology that will preserve the cremated remains of your loved ones into an elegant-looking diamond.

via: Algordanza

Whereas a funeral with a casket, headstone, and plot can cost more than $10,000, this alternative can cost less than half that. And it can travel with you!

via: Washingtonian

And, if you're so inclined, you can even get the stone made into jewelry or anything else that's wearable.

Here's just one iteration of what the finished product can look like.

via: Memorial Technology

In fact, because carbon is pretty much all that remains after cremation, the end result is no different than the other realistic diamonds that are being created artificially these days. You won't be able to pick the color of the diamond, however. The color will be determined by the characteristics of the ashes.

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In fact, with this practice, you're not just helping preserve land that would otherwise be used for wasteful burials, but you can actually start your family's own collection of family jewels, just like the British Royal Family's!

via: Telegraph

The process isn't just earmarked for people. The same transformation can take place for cremated pets as well. If your dog's permanent resting place is important to you, to the tune of $5,000, then this might be for you!

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