D2D Podcast with Rachel Zeldin, Death Planning Entrepreneur


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On June 1, Brant Huddleston, host of the Dance to Death Afterlife Podcast (D2D Podcast) chatted with Rachel Zeldin of Funerals360 (formerly "I'm Sorry to Hear") about the innovative funeral planning website, as well as the concept of death cafes, and planning for the inevitable. The podcast brought to mind the topic of death in an "upbeat and educational" way; Huddleston brought humor into the dark discussion, telling stories about a "frozen turd" as well as how death comes unexpectedly.

"An honest, unflinching look at death...helps us live a fuller, more abundant life." - Brant Huddleston

Listen to the Podcast

Note: Dance to Death Afterlife has now moved to Dance Past Sunset.

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