Three Ways To Say Goodbye To Man's Best Friend: Dealing With Pet Death

Pet Funerals and Memorials

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Pet Deaths

Many families consider a pet an integral part of the family, so the death of a pet can be really tough on a family.  There are many ways to memorialize a pet, below we listed three different options for you to consider: Pet Cremation, Pet Burial, Taxidermy.

Pet Cremation

Pet GravemarkerPet cremation works the same way human cremation does, this process can be popular because pet owners don’t want to forget about their pets after they have passed. Cremation is the act of burning the deceased's body until they become ashes. When you cremate your pet you can keep the ashes in a decorative vase or box just like you would with human remains.

The cost of pet cremation is determined by the weight of the pet and what type of cremation you chose for your pet.  Unlike the cremation of humans which is done on an individual basis, pet owners have the option of either a private pet cremation or a communal pet cremation.  

Private cremation for pets is identical to human cremation, in this process your pet would be cremated alone.  This is the more costly option in comparison to communal pet cremation. Private pet cremation may range from $100-$300.

Communal cremation is when your pet is cremated with other pets at the same time. As such, this method is more cost effective. Communal pet cremation ranges from $30-$100.  Keep in mind this does not include the cost of an urn or burial container which vary in cost depending on your choice of container.

Pet urns can be found all across the web. Here's a link to pet urns you can find on Amazon as well as a small seleciton below:

Pet Burial

Pet burials are very similar to human burials. As with humans, pet burials are more pricey than cremation. With a burial you will need some sort of burial container such as a shroud or a pet casket and an approved piece of land.  

A pet burial can cost from $500-$1000 depending on the plot of land and coffin you get for your pet. While there are pet cemeteries, some states allow for a backyard burial but make sure to check your state's laws before burying your pet.  Below you will find some tips for a ground burial for your pet:

  • Don't bury your pet in a public place like a park.

  • Don't bury your pets in materials that are not biodegradable like plastic.  You can use wood, a towel, shroud, a sheet, or other natural materials.

  • Don't bury your pet near a stream. You shouldn't bury your pet near a stream because it can contaminate the water which may be used for drinking water. 


Taxidermy is another option to look at when your pet dies. This is the process of preparing and stuffing your pet to make them look life-like. Taxidermy comes from the two Greek words: Taxis and Derma.  Taxis means "movement" and derma means "skin", translating to "the movement of skin". Today taxidermy is an art in which taxidermists try to make animals look as life-like as possible. The cost to have your pet preserved depends on the animal and their weight. A dog that is 10lbs can be about $800.  

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