Technology for End-of-Life Planning via Digital Planning Podcast

Funeral Planning

Posted on June 15, 2020 by

In the latest episode of the Digital Planning Podcast, Jennifer Zegel, Ross Bruch and Justin Brown, speak with Rachel Zeldin, founder of Funerals360, an end-to-end #funeralplanning platform, to discuss the emerging death care industry in a digital age.

Click below to listen to a fun and educational conversation about how technology has affected the funeral industry and changed the way that consumers are able to pre-plan their funeral or shop for a funeral at their time of need.

Digital Planning Podcast

Learn about the latest funeral trends including green burial, bio-cremation, and human composting as a form of disposition (legal now in Washington state.) 

Get information on how you can pre-plan your own funeral to avoid having your family making emotional and financially costly decisions at their time of grief.

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