Planning Your Own Funeral: Making Your Funeral a Unique Send Off

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Funerals are no longer just about mourning a loss; today they are becoming more of a celebration of life.  Practically unheard of just a few years back, it is now increasingly common to plan your funeral yourself and even pay for it before you die.

The folks at Laurel Funerals and MiroMedia in the UK had some ideas to share with us on the topic of:

"How to Make a Funeral Your Own"

Funeral customs are constantly changing as more and more people are planning their own funerals. Funerals are a way of letting your friends and family say a final goodbye, and it is the perfect time to create an event that is truly unique to you.

Making your service unique ensures that it will be memorable and represents you well. Traditionally very emotional events, a funeral that is unique to you will leave your friends and family feeling better and remembering you in happier times. Should you be considering planning your own funeral, here are a few thoughts that could make it unique:

Dress to Impress

Some people ask their guests to dress in a specific way. One example could be to allocate a theme and then ask everyone to dress according to the theme. For example, if you are a fan of reading, you could ask guests to dress up as their favorite literary characters.

Think Outside of the 'Box'

One trend that has emerged in recent years is the personalised coffin. No longer do people just want standard caskets; however luxury they are, some people now want customized coffins. Stemming from the tradition of ‘fantasy coffins’ in Ghana, recently there has been a trend for people having caskets that signify the way they spent their lives. For example, a chef may have food printed over his coffin or a painter may have paint brushes on his coffin.

Go Out in Style

Instead of a hearse, you could hire out one of your favorite cars and travel down the street in style.

Broadcast To the World

Advances in technology now mean you can easily broadcast your funeral live online, perhaps something to consider if you know people all around the world who might otherwise not be able to attend.

Write Your Own Story

You might like to write your own eulogy and obituary, or at least have a say in it. By doing this you will have control over the way you will be remembered and you will be able to include parts that will be relevant to everyone in attendance.

My Name Is...

You might like guests to wear name tags stating their name and relationship to you. This can be quite interesting as people often go to funerals and are unaware of how others knew the deceased.

Sow the Seeds

You could have seed cards handed out. These are special cards that are made from paper with seeds embedded within it. These will allow people to plant them in their garden in memory of you.

Share Your Love of the Written Word

Keen readers could perhaps have a bookshelf with their favorite books on display at the funeral. Encourage those in attendance to choose a book and take it away as an alternative way of remembrance.

Of course the above suggestions are just a few ideas to consider. A truly unique funeral should be comprised of elements that are personal to you and that those in attendance can relate to.  By planning your own funeral you can ensure this.

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