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Sending flowers as a sentiment of sympathy is a tradition that dates back many years. Whether a loved one passes away, an old friend becomes ill, or a coworker experiences a loss, sending flowers to express your sympathy may feel like the ‘right’ thing to do. But what do you send?

Floral selections for funerals and sympathy related events have broadened over time and knowing which flowers are the ‘right’ flowers can be tricky. Take the quiz below to figure out which arrangement is appropriate to send your condolences.

1. What’s your relationship to the person?

a) Immediate family (spouse, child, parent, grandparent, sibling)

b) Extended family (in-laws, cousin, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt)

c) Close friend/colleague (longtime friend, close friend, longtime coworker)

d) Distant friend/colleague

2. Where are you planning to send the arrangement?

            a) Funeral Home/Church

            b) Cemetery

            c) Family Home

            d) Hospital/Nursing Home

3. Are you sending the flowers on behalf of yourself or within a larger group?

            a) On behalf of myself

            b) With my family

            c) With my friends

            d) With my coworkers/Within my company

4. How many days in advance are you ordering?

            a) Day of service

            b) 48 hours before services

            c) 1 week before services

            d) Other

5. What’s your budget?

            a) $$$$

            b) $$$

            c) $$

            d) $


casket sprayMostly A’s – Larger floral tributes, smaller casket adornments, standing sprays, casket sprays

Selecting a floral piece for immediate family is often very personal. Larger arrangements like specialty sprays, wreaths, and larger floral arrangements and tributes, should be considered. If there was a special interest or favorite color of the deceased; consider incorporating that into your selection. Typically, these arrangements are delivered the day of the services and are displayed at the funeral home, church or cemetery. Take a look at some examples below; 

Mostly B’s – Standing wreath, laying wreath, set piece

Extended family pieces may be sent when you cannot personally attend the services, or if you and your immediate family want to express your sympathy as a group. Consider contacting the family ahead of time to find out if there’s a specific theme being used for the services.

For example; was the deceased favorite color purple? Was the deceased an avid baseball fan? Consider this when ordering, and try to incorporate the theme into the arrangement you select. A wreath with a ribbon or card with your family’s name is appropriate. Also consider set pieces like a cross or heart. These arrangements are usually delivered to the funeral home or cemetery and delivered a couple days in advance or the day of services. 

gift basketMostly C’s – Basket arrangement, Floral bouquet, fruit/gift basket

Sending your condolences to a friend or coworker that you knew well can be tough. Often times our friends feel like family! A good way to express your sympathy is an arrangement sent to the family home or nursing home/hospital.  A floral bouquet or fruit/gift basket is a thoughtful and tasteful gift to express sympathy. Blooming plants are also great and allows the family to remember your sympathy while the plant continues to grow and they continue to grieve. These arrangements are typically sent a week before the services or even a few days after, and are delivered to the nursing home/hospital where the deceased may have been or to the family home.

blooming plantMostly D’s – Floral bouquet, blooming plant

Whether you’re sending individually, with a group of friends/coworkers, or within a larger company; it’s a sign of respect and courtesy to send a floral bouquet or blooming plant to express sympathy for loss of a distant friend or coworker. Consider an arrangement or plant that can be kept in the home of the bereaved. Typically send this in the days leading up to the service or the days immediately following.


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This guest article and the photographs seen above were contributed by FTD, the floral specialists. Your local FTD florist is a great resource to help you select the perfect tribute to honor a loved one. To find your local florist, visit our website to search and compare local florist that can help you find the perfect flowers to honor your loved one and offer condolences to friends and family.

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