Death with Dignity Gains More Attention, Meaning More Control for End-Of-Life Decisions

Death with Dignity

Posted on November 18, 2014 by

Death with Dignity, a movement to give the dying more control of their end-of-life care and decisions, has been gaining more media attention as of late. The Death with Dignity National Center advocates for mentally competent adults given six months or fewer to live the option to request medication from their doctors to hasten their impending deaths. Ethical controversies may be born from this movement, however in the end, it seems reasonable to say that the option of dying should be left in the hands of the dying.

Within our culture today we advocate so enthusiastically for free choice and individuality. Death is a very personal and individual decision as well, and by the situation premise that the Death with Dignity National Center advocate for, this seems appropriate. The rising media attention given to this Death with Dignity movement prove that America is taking notice of this call for freedom of choice and the final decisions of an individual.

Within all this talk of death, there is something strangely relieving about being given the choice to come and go within this life by one's desires or beliefs. In the past, Funerals360 had posted an article with more information on Death with Dignity. To learn more about Death with Dignity, visit their website here.

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