Hulmeville Funeral Director Stole $297,000 for Pre-Arrangements

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Posted on August 09, 2017 by

HULMEVILLE, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania funeral director has been charged with stealing nearly $297,000 from 54 people who paid for prearranged funerals since 1999.

Bucks County authorities say those thefts came to light after 52-year-old David Faust was arrested in April on charges he forged seven death certificates and fraudulently collected Social Security disability benefits after complaining of working long days.

Investigators say news of that arrest prompted other clients of Faust Funeral Home in Hulmeville to check on the status of their accounts.

Detectives also filed new forgery and identity theft charges on Monday, saying Faust forged one woman's death certificate in 2003 so he could spend more than $8,700 she had prepaid for her arrangements without her knowledge. Authorities say that woman is still alive.

Faust's attorney didn't immediately comment Tuesday.

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