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Posted on May 11, 2017 by

It can be difficult to adequately commemorate a loved one. Usually, obituaries are brief and include only a single photo of the deceased. Often, this limited nature of obituaries can make people feel like they are not appropriately honouring the lives of people they have lost.

Funerals360’s new Online Memorials feature is a solution to this problem. This unique platform enables members to commemorate their loved ones through personal stories and unlimited images. Online memorials can be easily shared with friends and family via e-mail and social networking sites, and there is also an option to share these memorials with the general public.

The simple and elegant layout of the Online Memorial feature makes it easy to honor loved ones and to share information more extensively than would be possible in a traditional newspaper obituary. Further, members who create these memorials are in charge of dissemination, and can therefore ensure that they reach specific people.


To create an Online Memorial:

  1. Login to your Funerals360 User Account

  2. Click on your User Dashboard

  3. Select Create an Online Memorial

  4. Share with family and friends through email and social media

Create a Memorial

After creating the Online Memorial, invite family and friends to share their own memories and condolences. 

The Online Memorial feature is one of many that makes Funerals360 the best end-to-end funeral planning destination. This new feature, as well as tools for price comparing funeral homes and general funeral information, make Funerals360 well equipped to help people in all stages of the funeral planning process.

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