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Posted on May 09, 2017 by

According to the NFDA the average cost of a full service burial is $12,243. Often, people will spend more money on a funeral than the deceased would have wanted simply because they are trying to honour their loved one in the best possible way but don’t know their preferences.

My Funeral Wishes is a step toward solving this problem. This new tool enables members to express their wishes regarding arrangements for their own funerals. My Funeral Wishes guides members through the different decisions and options available to them such specifying a funeral agent, disposition preference, body preparations, service details, and many other funeral elements.

Members can easily share their funeral wishes with friends and family by using the "share" option, and members can edit their wishes at any time. By specifying these preferences ahead of time, people can save their loved ones time, money, and emotional distress when it comes to funeral planning

To create a My Funeral Wishes for yourself:

  1. Login to your Funerals360 User Account

  2. Click on your User Dashboard

  3. Select My Funeral Wishes

  4. Share your funeral wishes with family and friends over email and social media

My Funeral Wishes is one of many features that makes Funerals360 the best end-to-end funeral planning destination. This new feature, as well as tools for price comparing funeral homes and general funeral information, make Funerals360 well equipped to help people in all stages of the funeral planning process.

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