What You Need to Know About Sealer Caskets


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Choosing the right casket is an important part of the burial planning process. With so many varieties of caskets and coffins on the market, how do you know what’s right for your situation? 

One type of casket that is offered for burial is known as a sealer casket. Here’s some information about sealer caskets to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

What Is a Sealer Casket?

A sealer casket is a casket that features a rubber gasket or additional type of sealing material to provide a seal between the lid and the body of the casket, reducing the amount of air, water, and other debris from entering the casket.

What Are Some Other Names For Sealer Caskets?

Not all funeral homes and mortuaries refer to sealer caskets by this name--in fact, professionals may refer to these types of caskets in a variety of ways. You may hear sealer caskets referred to with names such as gasketed caskets, protective caskets, sealing caskets, or something similar. All of these terms refer to the same basic designs that would be described as sealer caskets.

How Much Protection Do Sealer Caskets Provide?

Sealer caskets do not always provide the protection that many consumers believe they do. You might be surprised to hear that these caskets are not actually meant to protect the body inside of them. In fact, caskets that have this type of sealing can increase the rate at which the body decomposes.

If you choose a sealer casket and burial in a crypt or mausoleum, purchasing a casket with this rubber sealer can be moot. This is because mausoleum and crypt staff often break these seals or prop the lid open to prevent accelerated decomposition and its side-effects, before entombing the casket inside its facility

Finally, these seals do not last indefinitely. While the rubber gasket can create a seal on the sealer casket for a long time, it will eventually break down and lose its sealing power. 

FTC’s Rules for Sealer Caskets

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides special regulations regarding the marketing of caskets [and outer burial containers], including sealer caskets. Known as the Funeral Rule, this law protects consumers from burial scams and preserves the integrity of the funeral arrangement. In short, the Funeral Rule prevents casket manufacturers and other funeral companies from taking advantage of grieving families and making false claims about their products.

Because of the different, often misleading names by which sealer caskets can be referred, many consumers believe that their seal protects the body instead of the casket. However, this is not the case and the FTC’s Funeral Rule strictly prohibits casket manufacturers from making claims that their caskets or the features of their caskets can preserve a body or a casket indefinitely. 



If you are in the market for a casket for you or your loved one, think carefully before opting for a sealer casket. They are often more expensive than other caskets, may not provide the “protection” you believe they can, and they may be a moot investment if you are planning a crypt or mausoleum burial.  Funerals360 has a variety of other articles about burial, caskets and coffins to help you make the right decision.

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