How to Choose a Burial Plot for Your Family


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Whether you are purchasing a burial plot for a loved one or simply making plans so that your family isn’t faced with the task in the future, choosing a burial plot is an extremely personal decision. This guide will present you with some essential questions to ask yourself while considering which burial plot is right for your family. 

Choosing a Cemetery Location

Depending on your preferences and location, you have several options available to you when choosing a cemetery. Consider the area where you or your loved one may want to rest – is it close to family that may want to visit? Choosing a cemetery in or near a hometown where family members may live for some time could be an important consideration. 

You’ll want to find out if there is a cemetery where members of your family are usually buried. If that is the case, you may want to consider using that cemetery. If not, consider cemeteries in the town you or your loved ones were born, spent much of your life, or lived at the time of death.

Choosing a Type of Cemetery

If there are not already family expectations for the burial cemetery, you’ll need to consider the types of cemeteries in the area you chose. You may encounter: 

Religious cemeteries

These non-profit cemeteries are owned by religious organizations such as churches, mosques, and synagogues. There are often requirements for burial in religious cemeteries, such as membership in a church or the display of a religious symbol on the marker. If burial in a religious cemetery is for you, speaking with the religious group’s leaders is a good place to start.

Public cemeteries

Public cemeteries are the most common, and most are for-profit. The options for a public cemetery are usually more varied, and you can choose a cemetery based on the location you like.

Municipal cemeteries

Your city of choice may or may not maintain a non-profit municipal cemetery, but burial may come with residency requirements. Inquire at city hall.

Veterans’ cemeteries

If you or your loved one served in the military, a veterans’ cemetery may be for you. The plot, marker, opening and closing, and military honors are usually included. Speak with your funeral home or your VA representative. 

Regardless of which option you choose, keep in mind the markers allowed at your cemetery. Speak with a cemetery representative to determine which options are available to you.

Choosing a Burial Plot

After you’ve chosen a cemetery, you’ll need to choose the burial plot itself. First, consider whether there are family members already buried in the cemetery, or if your family has a reserved plot. If so, you may want to choose a plot nearby. Otherwise, choose an available spot depending on your preferences – you could choose a nice, shady spot or a place near an access path so family can easily visit. Consider the price variances between plots as well. 

Once you have an area in mind, decide what size of plot you need. If you’re purchasing a plot for other family members to use in the future, you’ll need more space. Alternatively, if you’re planning for yourself and your spouse, the deceased, or just yourself, you can choose from urn plots, single plots, side-by-side plots where loved ones are buried next to each other, or double-depth plots where loved ones are buried in a single grave at varying depths. 

You can start the process of choosing a cemetery and burial plot by easily searching for cemeteries in your desired area using our vendor search tool.  As always, if you have questions or concerns, our team is here to guide you through this very personal decision.

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