Water Scattering: How to Pick the Right Biodegradable Urn

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With cremation becoming so popular, the rise in products to accommodate cremated remains has also expanded. There are standard urns for display in the house or niche at the cemetery, urns designed to be buried, scattering tubes to facilitate scattering, urns that help you turn into a tree, some that are meant to go on space missions, and artificial reefs being built using cremated remains. For families that choose cremation, be sure to learn the specifics about the urn prior to purchasing it. Understand that there are a variety of different materials used to make urns and many urns are designed for specific uses.

When choosing a biodegradable urn with the purpose of performing a water scattering, here are some tips from Anya Shortridge, Owner of Ashes on the Sea for picking out the right one so you can avoid having a peaceful descent into the sea become a horrific ordeal trying to find out how to sink the urn!

Tips to help you pick the right urn for a water scattering:

1. Not All Urns are Created Equal

All biodegradable urns are not made equal. Some bio urns are only made for earth burial and will not disintegrate for long periods of time when placed on the water. Be sure to inquire with the manufacturer or your funeral professional whether the urn you have picked out is appropriate for water burial.

The Journey Biodegradable Urn is a good choice of urn and is quite affordable.

2. Use the Right Bag

The most common problem Ashes on the Sea finds with biodegradable urns is the use of the wrong bag. Often times they find that someone at the funeral facility has not transferred the ashes into the biodegradable bag that usually accompanies the urn. The whole regular plastic bag has been placed into the urn and because the urn is closed and sealed, no one knows that the internal bag is real plastic.  As a result of this, the urn does not sink!

How to Put Together a Biodegradable Urn for Water Scattering

If you aren't preparing the urn yourself, be sure to check with your funeral home or cremation provider to be sure that your loved one's ashes are placed in the biodegradable bag prior to the water burial/scattering.

A special thank you to Anya Shortridge, Owner at Ashes on the Sea for the tips and education on urn products.

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