Know Your Rights: A State-By-State Guide to Consumer Funeral Rights

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Posted on March 05, 2013 by

One of our goals at I'm Sorry to Hear LLC is to provide access to information critical to consumers when making decisions regarding funeral planning.  There are several very reputable consumer-rights organizations that provide such information and in lieu of recreating this content for you, we prefer to work with those organization to disseminate the information. The Funeral Ethics Organization (FEO) is one of those consumer-rights organizations whose mission is to,
"...promote ethical dealings in all death-related transactions by working for better understanding of ethical issues among funeral, cemetery, memorial industry practitioners, law enforcement, organ procurement organizations, and state agencies, as well as better understanding between these and the general public."
As part of this mission, it supports consumers' access to information and laws and keeps a close eye on industry trends.  The FEO has put together a valuable and complete state-by-state guide on consumer rights regarding funerals.  To access this guide and to know your rights, visit the following webpage: // [caption id="attachment_283" align="alignleft" width="608"]Your State by State Rights Your State by State Rights[/caption] Another important organization and website that is dedicated to consumer funeral rights is the Funeral Consumer Alliance (FCA): funeral-consumers-alliance-logo The FCA is the oldest (since 1963) national nonprofit consumer group educating on funeral issues. Many of the FCA affiliates around the country have done funeral price surveys which are often relied on by hospices.  If you would like to know if a price survey has been completed for your region, contact your local FCA Affiliate// Both FEO and FCA can help mediate funeral complaints or suggest how to file them when complaints are legitimate.
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